making the world a better place

At The Supine Collective, it’s essential that our products are designed to withstand the test of time and everyday wear & tear. This has been a key pillar in our designs and sourcing fabrics/materials to generate our goods. 

Despite being a small company now, we strive to make a difference and be better, as our founders have seen first hand in our oceans the effect that plastic is having on our environment. 


Bio Poly Mailer - Renewable, Vegan & Plastic Free

All packaging contains no animal products nor derives from any animal products. On top of that, the production processes of the materials used in our packing also uses no animal products. Vegan based materials/packaging don’t contain petroleum-based products, and therefore are more likely to be biodegradable, recyclable and/or compostable. 

All packaging is made from materials that consistently regenerate within several human generations and are sustainably managed, therefore fulfilling the definition of renewable. 


All products are sent via Royal Mail. This was a conscious decision to stay a British Brand through and through, while helping them accomplish 100% of waste avoiding landfill (99% as of 2019). 


We’ve sampled a number of fabrics to find a high quality, strong, sustainable material/design to make sure our products last. This prevents us adding to the world of “fast fashion” which is responsible for a huge amount of clothing going into landfill.  


The majority of our launches/drops are made to order, again a conscious decision to limit potential waste and only fulfil items that have been sold. The downside though is increased lead times of product generation which affects potential sales as we start to live more and more in a world of an expectation of next day delivery. 


We’re very keen to constantly updated with new product/technologies/methods to help us be better and change the world we’re living in. If you’ve got any information that you think we’ll find useful, please contact us on